Services We Provide

We’re a Scottish-based residential property factor working with homeowners and house builders throughout the country.

What to Expect

Routine and non-routine maintenance – we discuss and agree the works and contractors with you, our homeowners, then get on with planning and managing your annual maintenance programme.

Community meetings, on-site meetings, inspections and access to our client portal so you can know what’s happening and when.

Health and safety risk assessments, so you and all contractors stay safe.

Insurance: we find cost-effective cover which is tailored to your building. You choose which insurer you want to go with; we’ll also get the best quotes for you when it’s time for renewal.

We stay on top of property management legislation and work with relevant authorities, so every aspect of our work is done correctly: administration, procedures, maintenance and repairs.

Short or long-term, your funds will be efficiently and well managed.

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Ethical Maintenance’s Services

Here’s a quick overview of the services we can provide for you:

Propose a maintenance programme to keep your property in top condition; and, should there be an emergency, agree what you would want your factor to do for you.

Organise meetings for homeowners and Residents’ Associations to discuss all aspects of your factoring service and decide on the annual maintenance programme.

Offer a choice, then hire and manage the chosen contractors, such as gardeners, cleaners and specialist repair workers.

Inspect buildings and common areas and arrange safety inspections as needed.

Arrange and coordinate repairs and supervise these works from start to finish.

Liaise with relevant bodies about utilities, way leaves and other access rights.

Research and arrange insurances.

Collect payments for maintenance works, manage monies including reserve funds and run a joint account where there is a Residents’ Association.

Some of the areas we look after for you

Landscaped areas, including lawns, shrub beds, trees and paths

Boundary walls, gates, fences and hedges

External path and road lighting

Entrance doors and entry security systems for apartment buildings

Windows, doors, hallways, stairs, lifts, landings

Lighting and emergency lighting

Alarms, safety detectors, emergency fire and evacuation equipment

Roofs, walls, balconies, external pipework

Parking areas, garage doors, vehicle entry systems, entry barriers

Shared TV aerials and telecoms networks

Watermains, sewers and septic tanks

Oil tanks and gas storage tanks

“Since you have taken over, the communication, the customer service and the professionalism has been outstanding and a massive improvement on the last factors. “

Paul H

male resident