Ethical Maintenance

Not getting the service you want? We are geared up to listen to you, to meet with you, to advise and to deliver the services you choose.

Proudly Different

We’re a Scottish-based residential property factor company working with homeowners and house builders throughout the country.

We’re also a community interest company with not-for-profit status. So when we say we put our customers first, we really mean it.

We do much more than taking care of your building and common areas. As a property factor, we’re bound by a Code of Conduct. Also, as a community-interest-company, everything we do must be for the good of the communities we work with.

kevin wilkinson director of ethical maintenance chairing a meeting with residents
happy senior residents sitting at a table

It’s our job to deliver a great maintenance service at a fair price for every customer, whether you’re a residential developer, residents’ association or homeowner.

How do we do it? We put home owners in the driver’s seat and let them have final say in prioritising maintenance works and deciding on the contractors we appoint.

It’s simple – by listening and offering choice, we deliver what matters most.

Who We Work With

Home Owners


House Builders




Your Get Out Clause

We offer flexible contract terms. It keeps us on our toes but if you’re not satisfied with our factoring service, we work the agreed notice period and leave you free to choose another property manager.

It’s as easy as that.

Why We're Different

  • Ethical service treating you fairly
  • Community Interest Company regulated to serve you
  • Owners’ involvement in setting programmes & pricing
  • Only pay for what the services cost us to provide.

Community First

  • Work with you fairly and transparently
  • Meet with you at least twice a year
  • All key decisions agreed at community meetings
  • If you want to know something, just ask us

Local Tradesmen

  • Appointed after agreement by the owners
  • Solid local track record
  • Really care about the quality of work
  • Qualified

Whether you’re a group of homeowners or residential developer

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with your maintenance needs.