About Us

We’re a Scottish-based residential property factoring company working with homeowners and house-builders throughout the country.

Who We Are

Unlike most other property factors, we’re also a community interest company, with not-for-profit status. So when we say we put our customers first, we really mean it.

What we do is much more than just taking care of your buildings and common areas. We ensure that we listen to you and agree with you what you want us to do. Our role as a property factor is bound by a Code of Conduct.

And, by definition, as a community interest company everything we do must be for the good of the communities we work with. There are further regulations in place to ensure we strictly maintain the expected standards.

community meeting in a hall discussing housing matters

We are a Best Practice representative, so it’s our job to deliver a great maintenance service at a fair price – for every customer, whether you’re a homeowner, residents’ association or residential developer.

We strive to lead the industry with best practice procedures, to encourage raised standards of service, improve the user experience, educate others, and where it exists help eradicate bad practice.

How do we do it? We put home owners in the driver’s seat and let them have the final say in prioritising maintenance works and deciding which contractors we appoint. It’s simple: by listening and offering choice, we deliver what matters most.

And because we’re not-for-profit, we put money back into the pot so you get a cost-effective factoring service that keeps getting better.

Homeowners choose to reappoint us every year

We offer a variety of maintenance services. Please contact us to learn more.

Ethical Maintenance is a property factoring service covering properties throughout Scotland. We are also set up as a not-for-profit Community Interest Company (CIC).

We work with private sector housebuilders, homeowners and residents’ associations who want to switch to or appoint a property factor who will provide a clear, personal, cost-effective service.you and they expect.

We chose to be a CIC to give homeowners the reassurance that they’re dealing with a company who works only with their best interests in mind. We adhere to the Property Factor Code of Conduct, which governs all factors in Scotland. By being a CIC we’re further regulated to serve our communities.

Homeowners should expect nothing less than the best possible service from a company that’s fair, reliable and transparent. We operate with an open-book approach, discussing every step with homeowners and only acting with their explicit agreement. We also only get as involved as they want us to be in their maintenance service.undersold.

glasgow tenement at dusk
meeting of residents sitting in circle

We hold regular meetings with homeowners to discuss what needs to be done and agree budgets. Progress can be checked and followed, and comments made, on our unique homeowner database.

Housebuilders choose us because they know they’ll be passing on the management of common amenities to a property factor who consistently delivers an efficient and cost-effective service which their new house-buyers expect.

Our standard of service reflects well on the housebuilder for having selected us, as the new owners will start with a positive attitude from the outset.

Homeowners know and agree ahead of time what their charges will be. There are no commission fees for contracting out work or arranging insurances. Our not-for-profit status means that, once we’ve covered costs, any profits go back into making our service even better.