Switching Service

Need a committed and fair property manager who can provide peace of mind? We’re here to help.

Ethical Switching Service

Should you have exhausted your options to improve the service you are currently getting from your property manager and be ready to change, or if you’d like to appoint a property factor for the first time, we can help.

We will discuss with you what services you’re looking for and draw up a schedule of likely costs for this, including our service provision fee.

A meeting will be arranged to discuss this proposal and a vote taken by homeowners on appointing us as your property factor. This is all done in accordance with your Title Deeds. If you do not have them, we will be able to obtain a copy.

Once we have been appointed by owners we work with the current property factor, if there is one, to take over providing the services you want.

ethical switching service
female sitting at home switching property factor

Any credit and/or float monies held by the current factor for your property will be handed over to us. We will also take over managing the contractors you have already – or find new contractors if this is preferred.

We are also able to provide building insurance, if requested, offering a range of quotes for you to select which are usually significantly cheaper than what is currently being paid. 

Our quotes are always highly competitive.

3-Step Switching Service

Our simple 3-Step process that can help you improve your property factoring service, whether it’s with your current property manager or switching to a new one.

We can help at each step of the way, such as obtaining your Title Deeds and interpreting their conditions or giving support to get owners together to agree on services and costs.
If your factor can match this, then fine. Otherwise we can advise on how to call an owners’ meeting and vote to appoint a different property factor.
property factor switching 3 step process

Check arrangements

We can advise on your Title Deed conditions to ensure the correct procedure is followed.


Decide what changes you want to make

We create a schedule of likely costs to provide the services you ask for; if these seem fair, then all owners are invited to vote.


Make Any Changes

If the vote is in favour, we will liaise and advise on next steps and take over the management of your property as much as you ask us to.

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