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With Ethical Maintenance, you always have a choice. Everything you need to know to help you.

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A Service Buyers Will Thank You For

We provide a hassle-free maintenance service for your new homeowners, giving them the chance to get involved. 

We do it by building a maintenance programme based on the standards you set and focussed around their needs and feedback.

This proactive and flexible approach ensures they get the service they want. And the way we start is the way we continue. 

From customer relationships to managing works and residents’ funds, we keep standards consistently high.

With Ethical Maintenance as your property factor, customers will know you chose well.

Why choose Ethical Maintenance?

When you appoint us as the property factor for your development we will provide a high standard of delivery and straightforward maintenance service for your new homeowners.

We do this by working to serve the homeowners – they tell us what they want us to do.

We arrange to meet with them at least twice per year to discuss what works and services they’d like to have done and agree a budget for the year.

We then create a maintenance programme tailored to suit their unique situation. This approach ensures homeowners get the service they want.

Also, the way we start out is the way we continue. There’s no drop-off in the high level of service we provide. From overseeing the works and residents’ funds to customer relationships we keep standards consistently high. As you’d expect.

With Ethical Maintenance as your chosen property factor your customers will know your reputation for standards and care is justly deserved.

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Customers Love Our Great Service

We work in partnership with your house-buyers to give them the efficient service both you and they expect.

In new residential developments we help form a residents’ association to bring your homeowners together and agree the best plan of action for their community. We encourage communication through regular on-site meetings and via our online client portal.

All maintenance works in common areas are agreed in advance so homeowners know what’s being done and why. The portal allows them to keep an eye on progress and communicate with us.

Our prices are fair, competitive and transparent – no starter prices, and never knowingly undersold. And we deliver real value for money. Because we are set up as a not-for-profit we only cover our operating costs and nothing more.

We do not charge extra to make a profit, or boost dividends for directors and shareholders, or pay for contributions to a particular charity. We charge just what it costs.

“I never knew we could get such a good deal on our building’s insurance. So much less than what we’ve been paying over the years.”

C Thompson

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Who better to decide if their property factor is up to the mark than your homeowners?

We’re totally confident in our property management service, but think it’s only fair to include a notice period in every contract so homeowners have the right to go elsewhere if we should ever fall short.

We think it should be simple for homeowners to switch their property factor if service levels slip. That’s why we support giving house-buyers control of common areas instead of a property factor being imposed on them.

By choosing Ethical Maintenance as property factor for your development you give homeowners ownership of their maintenance service, and guarantee they’ll get a fair deal now, and when you’ve moved on.

Why Ethical Maintenance For Housebuilders?

Since our start-up in 2007, the majority of our business comes from homeowners who have switched to Ethical Maintenance because they wanted more than their current property manager, often appointed by the housebuilder, could offer them.

However, knowing how to change property factor isn’t always easy.

We’ve spoken to many homeowners and residents’ associations who’ve told us that the biggest challenge to getting a better property manager isn’t the housebuilder who appointed their original factor, but the complexity of switching.

In turn, this puts many of their neighbours off getting involved in the process to change, even for improved service and substantial cost savings.

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Choose Ethical Maintenance

Guarantee your house buyers a property factor who:

Works with homeowners. We take on board their considerations then tailor and oversee the management of common areas.

Offers value-for-money. Value-test our property management service and you won’t be disappointed. Neither will your house-buyers.
And who is:

Transparent. We give homeowners a clear breakdown of maintenance work and costs so they know exactly what they’re paying for, as if they’d organised it themselves.

Supportive. We encourage residents to take an active interest in the upkeep of their common areas, helping them set up owners meetings and a Residents’ Association.

Fair. If homeowners don’t think we’re up to the mark they can give us notice, leaving them free to choose another factor.

Contact Us

We have experience in working with all sizes of housing developments from small apartment blocks to multi-phase residential developments.

If we’ve not worked with you before, what most builders do is appoint us on one of their smaller sites to see how we get on. We’re happy to do this just to demonstrate the quality of our services.

Some larger builders appoint us to look after a specific section of a multiphase development so they get feedback from their new homeowners on the difference between the property management services in the same development.

Whatever your needs, get in touch and let’s see how we can help you improve the services to your homebuyers.

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