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Why Ethical Maintenance for housebuilders?

Since our start-up in 2007, the majority of our business comes from homeowners who have switched to Ethical Maintenance because they wanted more than their current property manager, often appointed by their housebuilder, could offer them.

However, switching isn’t always easy. We’ve spoken to many homeowners and residents’ associations who’ve told us that the biggest challenge to getting a better property manager isn’t the housebuilder who appointed their original factor, but the complexity of switching. In turn, this puts many of their neighbours off getting involved in the process to change factor, even for improved service and substantial cost savings.

Choose Ethical Maintenance and you guarantee your house buyers a property factor who,

  • Works with homeowners. We take on board their considerations then tailor and oversee management of common areas.
  • Offers value-for-money. Value-test our property management service and you won’t be disappointed. Neither will your house buyers.
  • And we’re,

  • Transparent. We give homeowners a clear breakdown of maintenance work and costs so they know exactly what they’re paying for, as if they’d organised it themselves.
  • Supportive. We encourage residents to take an active interest in the upkeep of their common areas, helping them set up residential meetings and a Residents’ Association.
  • Fair. If homeowners don’t think we’re up to the mark they can give us notice, leaving them free to choose another factor.
  • The homeowner’s choice. We manage more sites where we’ve been actively appointed by homeowners than housebuilders. That because homeowners chose to stick with or switch to Ethical Maintenance.

If you’d like to chat about property management for the common areas in your new development or next phase, email us on mail@ethicalmaintenance.org or call 01224 516510 today.

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We put you the homeowner first. Our ethical service puts you in charge; managing maintenance and repairs in a fair and transparent way.


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Why Choose Us?

  • Ethical business
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  • Excellent service
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