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For Housebuilders

A property factoring service your house buyers will thank you for.

We provide a hassle-free maintenance service for your new home owners, giving them the chance to get involved. We do it by building a maintenance programme, based on the standards you set, around their needs and feedback, a proactive and flexible approach that ensures they get the service they want. And the way we start is the way we continue. From customer relationships to managing works and residents’ funds, we keep standards consistently high.

With Ethical Maintenance as your property factor, customers will know you chose well.

Customers talk about us because of our great service, not our bills

We work in partnership with your house buyers to give them the efficient service both you and they expect.

In new residential developments, we help form a residents’ association to bring your home owners together and agree the best plan of action for their community. We encourage communication through on-site meetings and our client portal. All maintenance works in common areas are agreed in advance so home owners know what’s being done and why.

Our prices are fair, competitive and transparent – no starter prices and never knowingly undersold. And to show that we deliver real value for money, because we are not-for-profit, we only charge to cover our operating costs, we do not charge extra to make a profit, feed dividends for directors and shareholders, or to pay for contributions to our favourite charity. We charge just what it costs.

Who better to decide if their property factor is up to the mark than your home owners

We’re confident in our property management service but think it’s only fair we include a notice period in every contract so home owners have the right to go elsewhere if we ever fall short.

But we think it should be easier all round for home owners to change any property factor who lets service levels slip. That’s why we support giving house buyers ownership of common areas instead of an appointed property factor, including us*.

By choosing Ethical Maintenance you give home owners more say in their maintenance service and guarantee they get a fair deal now and when you’ve moved on.

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We put you the homeowner first. Our ethical service puts you in charge; managing maintenance and repairs in a fair and transparent way.


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  • Ethical business
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  • Not-for-profit