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Why do I need to pay?

We’ve asked you to pay your share of the maintenance cost for the common areas in your community. This would have been agreed when you bought your home – check your Title Conditions for details. If you’re unsure, either ask the solicitor who dealt with your house purchase or get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to send you a copy.

Ethical Maintenance will be your property factor for the set period of time agreed by either your housebuilder, Residents’ Association or at a community meeting for your development. Once this period comes to an end, we may be reappointed or you and your neighbours may decide to appoint another property manager.

How much does your factoring service cost?

We work with you and your neighbours to ensure you meet your common maintenance responsibilities as per your Title Conditions. Costs differ for every development, depending on what needs done. We help you find the best contractors for each job and you have full say in who is appointed – we never impose contractors on you.

As a not-for-profit organisation, you pay only for the service we provide – there are no shareholders. We keep administration costs low by calculating costs for the year then sending you one bill. But you’ll always have the option to spread payments throughout the year. Our overheads are recognised as some of the lowest in the industry and that’s the way we aim to keep it. It’s also why we’re so confident that we’re never knowingly undersold.

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We put you the homeowner first. Our ethical service puts you in charge; managing maintenance and repairs in a fair and transparent way.


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