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Making Payments

The Service Charge for your community will have been set at a community meeting and would be for the works agreed at that meeting. Once it has been set, we will write to you letting you know how much we’re asking you to pay and the methods by which you can payment: bank transfer, bank card over the phone or cheque. Use one of these methods to make you payment. If you have any questions, let us know.

I’m moving house

If you’re moving house, let us know and we’ll apportion the Service Charge up to your last day, before your house buyer takes on the responsibility of maintenance of common areas. Solicitors often look after this part of the sale but keep in mind that the person moving in will want to know that you’ve paid your bills up to the date of sale. We also need to know who has bought your property so check with your solicitor – your Title Conditions may put the onus on you to tell us and hold you responsible for bills until you do.

I’m finding it difficult to meet payments

You should settle your payments by the due date. However, if you’re having difficulty making payments then contact us as soon as possible. It’s important you get in touch so we can work with you to agree a payment plan.

What if I’m late making a payment?

A big part of our role as a property manager is managing finances to keep your maintenance work on schedule. So it’s important you pay on time. Chasing late payments can be time consuming and expensive so, to keep administration costs as low as we can for homeowners who do pay on time, we only send you one reminder. If you still don’t pay your bill and don’t get in touch to agree a payment plan, then collection is passed to our debt manager. You’ll then be asked to pay the Service Charge plus the cost of collecting it, in line with the agreement in your Title Conditions. We may also ask you to pay any bank charges incurred due to your late payment.

Remember, if you’re struggling to meet payments, please get in touch.

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