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How We Work

Great service, fair price

We’re never knowingly undersold. And the fee we agree at the start is what you pay for the duration of your contract – no starter prices to get you on-board, only to hike them up further down the line. We’re completely transparent with our pricing so you know exactly what you’re paying us for.

And, being not-for-profit, if there’s anything left in the pot once we’ve covered our costs, you get a rebate. That’s a promise.

Our focus is on you

We meet you on-site at least twice a year to get your feedback on how we’ve done so far and what you’d like us to do in the months ahead. Anything you want us to do differently? Just ask.

Between meetings, log into our client portal – an easy way to keep updated with the latest and upcoming maintenance works, view recent communications and your account. And, of course, leave your comments and queries and we’ll be in touch.

Local works

We encourage using good local contractors whenever possible to keep our overheads and carbon footprint low. What’s more, local tradesmen can be on-site in no time to carry out your emergency repairs. From grass cutting to landscaping and buildings maintenance, suggest the people you’d like on the job or we’ll find the right contractors for you.
And, just so we know everything is just as it should be, we carry out monthly onsite inspections throughout the year.

Are we any good? You decide.

We work hard to make sure that you’re 100% satisfied with our factoring service which is why over 95% of the residents’ associations we work with re-elect us. But if we don’t live up to your expectations then we honour the agreed notice period, leaving you free to choose another property manager. Find out more about our terms and conditions.

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We put you the homeowner first. Our ethical service puts you in charge; managing maintenance and repairs in a fair and transparent way.


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Why Choose Us?

  • Ethical business
  • Community oriented
  • Excellent service
  • Not-for-profit