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Our Story

We founded Ethical Maintenance in 2007 to offer homeowners a straightforward and fair property factoring service. If that sounds like it should be the industry norm, rewind to the early 2000s and you’ll find the ‘why’ behind our business set-up.

Home owners wanted change

It’s around that time homeowners became so frustrated with bad service yet spiralling repair and administration costs, they took their complaints to the press and consumer rights groups. The Office of Fair Trading and Consumer Rights Scotland were just two of the groups who investigated the sector, while coverage from the press and BBC highlighted the raw deal many homeowners were getting from their property factor.

But things weren’t changing fast enough so in 2011 Members of the Scottish Parliament took action and the government stepped in with new legislation and a code of conduct for property factors. Things improved, but not across the board. Too many homeowners are still battling with poor service and little choice, especially those locked into a property factor agreement. In 2012 the Government consulted homeowners and were shocked by the results:

  • 89%* of owners said they wanted to be in control of their Factor, able to hire and fire them, but they couldn’t!
  • 72%* of owners said they wanted the maintenance and repairs to be done in a way that was transparent and that was authorised by owners, but it wasn’t!
  • 65%* of owners said they wanted their Factor to have a fair and transparent complaints resolution process and a debt collection process fair to those that were paying, but these were not available!

And as at 7 October 2016 the Scottish Government is again consulting on the Code of Conduct for Property Factors. Let’s see what comes from that.

As a Community Interest Company, you benefit

We set up Ethical Maintenance in the midst of the storm. Frustrated with industry standards, we chose to be a Community Interest Company (CICs) which means we’re regulated to serve our communities – people like you.  We operate as a commercial company but our profits must be used for the benefit of our customers.

In our start-up phase we contacted housebuilders to tell them about our company and our ethos and were appointed as property factor for several new housing developments. We proved our worth and picked up more work. As word spread, home owners enquired about our services – many of the thousands of households we serve today are customer who chose to switch to us.

Our property factoring service is built on fairness and choice

We offer an efficient service and fair pricing, along with a contract that gives you the freedom to move on and choose another factor. We never want you to feel stuck with Ethical Maintenance – we want to be your property factor through choice.

*Data taken from an analysis of responses made by homeowners to the Scottish Government’s consultation on the Code of Conduct for Property Factors 2012 http://www.gov.scot/Publications/2012/02/8143/downloads

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We put you the homeowner first. Our ethical service puts you in charge; managing maintenance and repairs in a fair and transparent way.


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